Real-time viewing for Arena

From the README file:
       Real-time viewing extensions to Arena beta-1e, May 1996,

	      by Frederic Vaucher (

In the normal Arena browser, when a document has to be displayed
externally, it is first entirely stored in file on the disk and then
displayed. If the document is big, you have to wait a long time before
watching it.
 With these modifications, the externally displayed documents are
passed along to the viewer(only to viewers who are able to display
directly incoming data), as soon as the the first bytes are
received. So you can start watching an mpeg movie during the data

The distribution consists of following files: Here is a copy of the original Arena sources to which you should apply the patches:

Testing the real-time extensions

If you have sucessfully patched your arena viewer you can try this link to tap for a few seconds into our real time webcam (if it is not busy... sorry, only one at a time).


Philippe Oechslin May 10th, 1995

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