Arequipa extensions for the Arena browser and Cern httpd

We have implemented support for Arequipa in the W3C Arena browser (beta-1) and httpd (3.0A) server.

On the server you can specify for each document if a dedicated ATM connection is recommended for downloading a document. When this is the case, you can also specify the service Class and QoS parameters for the connection.

When the client finds a document for which a dedicated ATM connection is recommended, it lets the user choose whether to download it using the existing connection or over a direct and dedicated ATM connection with the required service Class and QoS parameters.

Source Distribution

This software is available for the linux OS only. You can either download the executables or the original source distribution with the modified and original files. These are the AREQUIPA (readme) files from both distributions:

Arequipa demopack

Alternatively you can also download our Arequipa demopack, which comes with binaries for Web server, proxy and client as well as a simple video application.

Click here to get your copy of the demopack.

Philippe Oechslin
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