Web over ATM

This is a short introduction about the Web over ATM project extracted from another document.

Telecommunications systems currently undergo many dramatic changes. One of them is how data communications networks evolve from connection-less best-effort systems (eg. IP, internet) towards high-speed, connection-oriented networks with quality of service guarantees (eg. ATM). This evolution must however be made in a way to guarantee interoperability with the vast base of installed local and wide area networks which will still exist in the future (legacy networks). Another change is that distributed multimedia applications like the World Wide Web gain tremendous popularity and come out of the academic domain into the commercial world. Commercial users pay for the service they get and thus want to have a guaranteed quality of service (QOS).

Goals and Non-Goals

The following research goals have been set for the project: On the other hand the following points have been identified as non-goals:

Overview of expected Research results

The following major research results are expected to be reached in the Web over ATM project: Most architectural work is accompanied by an implementation under Linux, which is the basis for demonstration of practical viability and dissemination of the results.

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Philippe Oechslin 25.7.95