Transience in the order of typical simulation duration !

Mobility model: the restricted random waypoint on the vertices of the space graph by Jardosh et al. There are nearly 5000 paths between pairs of graph vertices. One mobile moves with a fixed numerical speed of 1.25 meters per second, with no pausing.

Default initilization rule: t=0 is a trip transition instant.

Plots: each plot shows distribution of the path the mobile is positioned on, for given time t, elapsed since the simulation start.

The transient path distribution is obtained numerically. See here for details


  • Initially, the mobile is equally likely on any path.
  • The path distribution converges to steady-state path distribution, which is different than as seen at trip transition instants. In steady-state, probability of a path is proportional to the path length.

Transient phase lasts 1000's of seconds !

t=50 sec
t=100 sec
t=300 sec
t=500 sec
t=1000 sec
t=2000 sec

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