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Recent Publications

Deterministic Networking

  1. Imperfect Clocks in Network Calculus pdf video
  2. Cyclic Dependencies and Regulators in Time Sensitive Networks pdf slides
  3. A new network calculus delay bound pdf
  4. A theory of traffic regulators pdf slides
  5. Delay Bounds for IEEE TSN asynchronous traffic pdf slides
  6. Credit Based Shaper pdf

Smart Grid

  1. Optimal Power Flow for 3 Phase Distribution Network with Batteries pdf
  2. Controlling the Electrical State via Uncertain Power Injections, Part 2 pdf
  3. Redispatching distribution grids with renewable energie sources and batteries pdf
  4. Real time control of an EV charging station pdf
  5. Online control of a battery using Lyapunov optimization pdf
  6. Source localization and time sync attacks pdf
  7. Estimation of power line parameters pdf
  8. Feasibility of Time Synchronization Attacks against PMU-based State-Estimation pdf
  9. Handling Delay Faults in Replicated Time-Critical Controllers: Part 2: Intentionality Clock pdf Part 3: Real-Time Agreement pdf
  10. Scenario Based OPF for Dispatch with Batteries pdf
  11. COMMELEC Deployment on the EPFL Microgrid pdf
  12. Controlling the Electrical State via Uncertain Power Injections pdf
  13. Handling Delay Faults in Replicated Time-Critical Controllers: Part 1: Detection and Masking pdf
  14. Optimal Patching Plan for PMU (and the Optimal Sensor Patching Problem) pdf
  15. Multicast Authentication and PMU streaming pdf
  16. Iterative Stochastic OPF for Computing a Dispatch Plan pdf
  17. Existence and Uniqueness of Load-Flow Solutions in Three-Phase Distribution Networks pdf
  18. Exact AC OPF convexification for radial networks pdf slides
  19. Kalman filters with steps pdf
  20. How to attributes the costs of variability ? pdf
  21. On the Convexification of Optimal Power Flow pdf
  22. Attacks on time synchronization: the delay box pdf
  23. Undetectable attacks on state estimation with PMUs pdf
  24. State Estimation using an ARIMA model and Kalman Filter pdf
  25. Short term forecast of solar irradiation for real-time control of grid pdf
  26. iPRP: parallel redundancy protocol (IEEE WFCS 2015 Best Paper Award) pdf
  27. Security vulnerabilities in MPLS-TP (ACM SEGS 2014) pdf
  28. The EPFL campus smart grid pdf
  29. Impact of Demand-response on the Efficiency and Prices in Real-time Electricity Markets (ACM e-Energy 2014) pdf
  30. Real Time Control of Distribution Networks (COMMELEC) part I, part II, overview (video).
  31. Impact of Storage on the Efficiency and Prices in Real-Time Electricity Markets (ACM e-Energy 2013) pdf, video
  32. Stability of a stochastic model for demand-response (Extended version of the Energy 2011 Best paper award) pdf
  33. Computation of sensitivity coefficients for an intelligent electrical distribution network pdf
  34. Optimal Storage Policies with Forecast Uncertainties pdf
  35. From Network Calculus to Battery Calculus (MMB & DFT 2012 Best Paper award) pdf
  36. Demand Response Using Service Curves pdf

Performance Evaluation Methodology

  1. The Stationary Behaviour of Fluid Limits of Reversible Processes is Concentrated on Stationary Points pdf
  2. The Bounded Confidence Model of Opinion Dynamics pdf
  3. Mean field for Markov Decision Processes: from Discrete to Continuous Optimization pdf slides
  4. A Class Of Mean Field Interaction Models for Computer and Communication Systems pdf slides

Communication Networks

  1. Controller Replication for SDN pdf
  2. MPTCP is not Pareto-Optimal: Performance Issues and a Possible Solution (ACM CoNext Best Paper award) more ...
  3. Energy Efficient Offloading of 3G Networks (Best Student Paper award, MASS 2011) pdf
  4. Energy Consumption Comparison Between Macro-Micro and Public Femto Deployment in a Plausible LTE Network (Best Paper award, e-Energy 2011) pdf
  5. Energy Savings for Cellular Network with Evaluation of Impact on Data Traffic Performance pdf
  6. The Age of Gossip: Spatial Mean Field regime (ACM Sigmetrics 2009 Best paper award) pdf
  7. Performance Evaluation of an IEEE 802.15.4a Physical Layer with Energy Detection and Multi-User Interference pdf

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