Prospective PhD Students

Prof. Jean-Yves Le Boudec

No position is available at the moment, but check this page again later as this may change on short notice.

EPFL/LCA2 (Prof. Jean-Yves Le Boudec) is recruiting PhD students for the EPFL smart grid project, a joint effort with EPFL/DESL funded by the Swiss National Science foundation and CTI. Our goal is to control an electrical grid in real time by software, very much like Google is driving a car by software. This will enable grids that live entirely on renewables.

We are building a prototype on campus, including an on-campus smart grid. We use IPv6 and are performing research in collaboration with industrial partners such as ABB, Alstom and Romande Energie.

For becoming a PhD student you can use of the two following paths

  1. be admitted to the EPFL graduate school EDIC with a fellowship. You can apply online at or here. Please inform me of your application progress in due time if you choose that path.
  2. or, be admitted to the EPFL graduate school EDIC via direct lab hiring. This requires performing an internship in my lab prior to admission to EDIC. If you choose that path and would like to perform an internship in my lab, please have a professor of yours send me a recommendation.

More information about the smart grid project.