Logo Diffserv on Linux: The distribution

This page contains links to the current Diffserv on Linux distribution for 2.2 kernels and also to all previous releases.

Note: 2.3 kernels already contain all the changes to support Differentiated Services.

The Diffserv on Linux main page is at http://icawww1.epfl.ch/linux-diffserv/.

The releases and some related files are stored in ftp://icaftp.epfl.ch/pub/linux/diffserv/dist/

Each distribution consist of four files:

The diffs are mainly useful for tracking changes. The complete tree is sufficient to build a running system; the diffs are not required for this.

Furthermore, for each release, the corresponding change log entry and the announcement posting are available too.

The current distribution

New! The current version is 8, released 25-FEB-2000.

Previous releases

Werner Almesberger, 25-FEB-2000