The Arequipa project has ended

We have stopped working on Arequipa several years ago. The latest version of ATM on Linux that contains support for Arequipa is 0.32. This page is still up for historical reference only.

Application REQuested IP over ATM (AREQUIPA)

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  • Overview

    When using the Web over the TCP/IP protocol suite of the Internet there is (yet) no possibility to guarantee bandwidth or delay for a transmission. For multimedia documents, transmission with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) is very desirable. Also, commercial users and providers are interested in guaranteeing the quality of the service being paid for. ATM networks which are being deployed now are one means of solving this problem. They offer high bandwidths and QoS negotiation at connection establishment. We have developped a concept called application requested IP over ATM (Arequipa) for allowing ATM-attached hosts that have direct ATM connectivity to set up end-to-end IP over ATM connections within the reachable ATM cloud, on request from applications, and for the exclusive use by the requesting applications. This allows the requesting applications to benefit in a straightforward way from ATM's inherent ability to guarantee the quality of service (QoS).

    Here are a few slides about Arequipa in html format.

    linux-atm-logoSystem support for Arequipa

    Arequipa has successfully been implemented in the Linux operation system. Arequipa support is part of the standard ATM distribution for linux since version 0.14. The extension of an IP over ATM implementation to support Arequipa requires only little modifications. Source code for the implementation of Arequipa on linux can be found in the ATM for Linux distribution.

    Available software

    The ATM for Linux distribution comes with a modified version of the ttcp program which allows to test transfers using IP over ATM, raw ATM and Arequipa.

    Arequipa for the Web

    We have implemented support for Arequipa in a web server (httpd 3.0A) and in a web browser (arena beta-1e). The browser allows to specify service classes and quality of service parameters for documents in their meta-information. When a browser with Arequipa support connects to the server and finds the meta-information it can ask the user if she wants to download the document using Arequipa.

    One application of Arequipa is for example for web based video on demand. Video documents on a web server can contain the meta-information which specifies the requested quality of service for their transmission. Since this quality is then guaranteed by the ATM network, the video can be played directly from the network.

    The following software is available

    Additional Information

    Here is more information about Arequipa:
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